At Blue Falcon Publishing we work with a number of fantastic freelance illustrators.

If you are looking for a book cover or for illustrations, we can manage the process for you – from tender through to contract sign off and then draft sketches to final illustrations, managing the money and the comments between both parties. This would be supported by a contract and Blue Falcon Publishing would act as an intermediary in the review process and payment management.

Alternatively, we can help you choose the right style and fit for your story and put you in direct contact with an illustrator. You could then manage your own contract and commission.

Your chosen illustrator will initially work from your scope or alternatively, suggest a number of options based on your story.  This will result in either several concepts to choose from or a proposed draft illustration for consideration.

You will have the opportunity to comment on these drafts or suggest changes prior to a final set of drafts being received.
You will get to approve the final drafts before proceeding onto the next stage. Next, you will then be sent colour roughs so you can get a feel for how it will look when infused with colour. Lastly, you will be sent the final colour illustrations – again, you will have the option to comment on these and have them re-worked prior to your acceptance.
All images will be made available for download through an online storage system and can be requested in the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .pdf and .ai.

Ready to bring your story to life?

Claire Adele

Claire is an illustrator and digital designer based in Totnes, Devon. Claire studied illustration at Plymouth University and has since worked as a freelance designer on a broad range of projects including children’s books, mobile games, short animations, branding and marketing material, 3D design and texturing, front-end web and app design, and lots more.

Claire’s core passion will always be illustration (involving animals wherever possible), with a focus on children’s books and all things cute and fun! She has been working with published author Justin Davis illustrating Escape from Nettle Farm and My Bunny, two adorable children’s books, and is in the early stages of illustrating more of Justin’s upcoming books.

You can view her portfolio at

Tracy Connelly

Tracy is an illustrator who is passionate about using colour and fun to spark the imagination of children and adults alike. Her illustrations encompass wonderful detail that keeps your eyes moving around each picture.

After studying Graphic Design and Art History at Northumberland College of Art and Technology, she started a design career in the print industry. Feeling compelled to pursue her dream of working in children’s illustration, 3 years ago she took the plunge. Tracy loves to paint using traditional methods, but recently she has started to teach herself digital art.

Tracy lives just outside of the vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne with her partner and teenage son.  You can view her portfolio at

Chris Gajda

Chris is a designer and illustrator with more than a decade of experience in both studio and freelance environments. He has worked on many projects with clients in education, the comic book industry, innovation foundations, advertising agencies and children’s books publishing. His skill set includes concepts, cartoons, animation art, background art and corporate illustration and design.

Chris’s heart will always belong to children’s illustration. His portfolio is filled with crazy characters, exciting action scenes, and beautiful environments. His styles of work range from slick, contemporary vectors to Photoshop brushwork with a more traditional feel.

Chris describes himself as ‘a lifelong nerd’! When he is not working, he fills his head with art, movies, video games, comics, sci-fi and crime novels, and the nonsense of politics. You can view his portfolio at

Stephanie Jayne

Stephanie is an illustrator and concept/storyboard artist based in Sheffield. A student of filmmaking at university, she has since found her passion in the pre-production art of film as well as creating colourful digital illustrations for children’s books and writing screenplays.

With experience in different areas of media, Stephanie is a very versatile worker who is driven by her two main passions in life – art and stories. With a flair for the weird and wonderful, she would describe her style as ‘charmingly quirky’. She has recently illustrated her first children’s book, Pete the Cheeky Parakeet,  and has some more promising projects on the way!

You can view her portfolio at and on Instagram.




Beata Mostowska

Born and raised in Poland, Beata lives with her husband and six-year-old son in London. She was born with a creative mind and discovered a passion for drawing and painting in early childhood. Every one of her school books was filled with quirky sketches!

Beata studied Artistic Education in Visual Arts at university. Originally an Art Teacher and Graphic Designer, she now dedicates herself to illustration, which has always been her dream job. Beata specialises in children’s book illustration; her colourful, magical images feature imaginary creatures and characters. She also sells her creative work as greeting cards and individual commissions. Her work is hand painted with a variety of mediums such as watercolours, ink, acrylics and colour pencils. Beata is also familiar with professional illustration software, which she uses for cutting and/or adding finishing touches to her work.

Beata has just finished illustrating The King and the Cockerel for Sarah Morrell. You can view her portfolio at

Lauren Galley

Lauren is a young artist from the North West of England. She is currently building up her portfolio in order to aid her journey to becoming a freelance illustrator. Lauren has taken a lot of commissions for portraits, both cartoon and realistic, and would love to do more in her quirky cartoon style. She is able to work with a number of mediums including acrylic, watercolour, alcohol markers, coloured pencils and is starting to do some digital work too. Currently, Lauren is hard at work on the illustrations for Slow, Slow Sedrick, Katie Budge’s forthcoming children’s book.

You can view her portfolio at