Our Services

You’ve finished your manuscript and are wondering what to do next.
You’ve spent hours and hours on it ­– it’s your pride and joy!
You are looking to take the next step, to turn your dream into a reality.

We can help with that.

We don’t go in for the ‘one size fits all’ approach, so we like to give you options. The first is to use us as a service provider. We will undertake all tasks listed under ‘Production’ and provide you with a finished typeset for you to do with as you wish. This option is perfect for those who want to remain an independent author but don’t have the knowledge or expertise to transform their manuscript into a book.

The second option is to submit your manuscript to us for consideration. If it’s the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you, we will offer you a contract to have it published under one of our imprints. You still pay the production fee, but we will provide all of the services listed under ‘Publishing’ at no extra cost to you.

We value our brand reputation and we are looking for something special in the books that we publish. As a small, independent company, you will never be just a number to us. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and want to get to know you and your book so we can deliver the best possible service. Sounds good? Then send your manuscript to submissions@bluefalconpublishing.co.uk. We will contact you to move forward from here.

What if you’re looking for a standalone service? Or you’d like to bolt some extras onto your publishing package? We do that too – take a look in our ‘Options’ section below for more information and prices.

Production – £600


This is the process of arranging the text and pictures that make up your book into the most visually pleasing design possible. Reading is a visual experience in more ways than one; particularly when it comes to children’s books. We will ensure that your book is laid out to create the best possible experience for your reader.

Blurb Production

We will create a blurb with you for the back of your book. It might be short, but the blurb is an important part of the pitch you make to your prospective reader.


We will proofread your book (up to 1500 words). We may also offer suggestions based on a more in-depth analysis of your manuscript. Longer books will cost an additional £35/hour.

Print Ready Files

We will create PDF files of your cover and interior ready for you to upload with your chosen printers.

Publishing – FREE*

Print/Distributor File Setup

We will load your print file with the printer/distributor including all of the metadata required. (This is a fancy word for data that makes your book easier to find for prospective readers.)

ISBN Allocation

We will allocate you an ISBN under Blue Falcon Publishing’s imprint. This means your book will become part of the Blue Falcon family!

Library Copies

You may not be aware, but when you publish a book you are legally obliged to provide a copy to the British Library, and the five other legal deposit libraries in the UK will usually also request a copy. We will manage your legal deposits on your behalf (six copies) and send them to the relevant libraries.

Author Copies

We will procure five copies of your book and send them to you.

Social Media Posts

We will publish a minimum of six social media posts in the run up to your publication date to promote you and your book on our social media platforms. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Options – Priced Individually

Advance information Creation – £200

We will produce a professional AI (Advance Information) sheet to be distributed to our comprehensive database of book retailers. This will also include 2 hardcopies sent to WH Smith and Gardners.

Ebook – £150

We will produce a professional ebook which will be listed with all major ebook retailers.

Book Trailer – £150

We will produce a book trailer for you. This is an amazing tool to market your book on social media and take advantage of the increased engagement that videos enjoy.

Website Landing Page – £200

We will create a website landing page, with your supplied images, and host it on your behalf.

Website/Online Shop – £1000

No idea where to start with websites? No problem! We will create a five-page website (including a shop) and host it for you.


We will project manage the magical process of your illustration creation with your chosen illustrator. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Cover Design

We will project manage the creation of your cover design with your chosen illustrator. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Marketing Packages

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*Publishing is only available through us if we have produced your typeset.