Conker the Chameleon

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The chameleons are in a muddle – especially poor old Conker.
In this heart-warming story, a chameleon who can’t change his colour discovers that what makes him different also makes him special.

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Can you imagine what it would be like if you could tell how someone was feeling just by looking at them?
But sometimes, looks can be deceiving…
In a world where chameleons have lost the words to explain how they are feeling, they have all got in a bit of a muddle! Poor old Conker, who can’t change his colour like the others, is feeling very fed up.
Then he discovers that what makes him different also makes him special.

This heart-warming story by Hannah Peckham will delight and engage young children while encouraging them to talk openly about their feelings.

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Hannah Peckham


February 2021






280mm x 216mm (h x w)

1 review for Conker the Chameleon

  1. Jane McGee

    This is quite simply a fantastic book with exclamation marks galore!! It is beautifully illustrated and the rhyming story is delightful. More importantly however there is a message woven through the story about understanding others, resolving conflict and talking about our feelings. It’s incredibly inspiring, and teaches these essential skills in a fun way. Can’t recommend it more highly.

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