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School Feedback – The King and the Cockerel

We’ve been keeping Oundle Primary School busy, as they also reviewed The King and the Cockerel for us! Here’s what they told us:

This book was read to a class of year 1 primary school pupils.

Star rating:-    5 stars
Editing:        9/10
Writing style:  10/10
Content:      10/10
Cover:         9/10

Of the 27 readers:-

22   would read another book by this author
25   thought the cover was good or excellent
25  felt it was easy to follow
25  would recommend this story to another reader
25  felt the pacing was good or excellent

The teacher’s review:-

“I thought it was a good rhyming story.  It was fun to read and the children enjoyed joining in with  ‘cock a doodle do ‘ and we all enjoyed counting along with the story.”

Some children’s comments:-

“I liked the farmer because I want to be a farmer.”
“I really like the rhyming.”
“It was good that the king realised he wasn’t being very nice.”
“I liked all the different animals and the jobs they were doing.”



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