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Spy Danger – Review

Huge thanks to Whispering Stories for their wonderful review of Spy Danger by Justin Davis. Here’s our favourite part:

“The story features lots of mysteries and intrigue and is like a mini sleuth novel for kids as the children have to decode the clues. The illustrations throughout help to bring the story to life. … This is a book that older children from about seven years onward would enjoy, especially if they are confident readers. The book is well written and captures your imagination and is exciting the whole way through.”

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Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl – Review

Many thanks to Gemma’s Book Nook for this fabulous review of Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl. Here’s an excerpt from Gemma’s post:

“As I’ve said in previous reviews of children’s books I enjoy picture books that rhyme as they help to engage children and to support their understanding of rhythm, as well as being fun to read. This one had a lovely flow to it and was very easy to read, I didn’t find myself stumbling over any of the rhymes at all. I also enjoy books with a message and this one had just that too. This would be a lovely book to use with children to tackle the topic of bullying and understanding how all children can be different and unique in their own way.”

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The King and the Cockerel – Review

We were thrilled when Tea and Cake for the Soul shared this glowing review of The King and the Cockerel:

“As well as being fun, it… has so many educational learning opportunities. From number ordering and counting, to learning about what other things animals provide us with, ie, wool coming from sheep, eggs from hens, and honey from bees. Children will not only see that it is wrong to take things that aren’t theirs, but also to admit when they are wrong and apologise and even do something to make amends. I loved the ethos of this book.”

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Pete the Cheeky Parakeet – Review

Thank you to Gemma’s Book Nook for this lovely review of Pete the Cheeky Parakeet by Cheryl Lee-White. Gemma said:

“This is a delightful children’s book with bright colourful illustrations… I thought this was a really fun book with an important message. It’s one I’ll be added to my repertoire of books that I use within my teaching.”