Publishing – The Process

Taking a manuscript from submission to published work can be a long process. There are many tasks to be completed behind the scenes; some large, some small, but all important. When you choose Blue Falcon, you can be confident that we will be diligent and dedicated to making your manuscript the best it can be. Here is an outline of the main stages of the process your work will go through:

Initial Read-Through

Upon receipt of your manuscript, we will read it through to see if it’s the right fit for us and if we’re the right fit for you. We value our brand reputation and we are looking for something special in the books that we publish. We will contact you to move forward from here.


If we agree to work together, the next stage will be editing. As well as proofreading, we will offer suggestions based on a more in-depth analysis of your manuscript. For more detailed information about this process, go to Editing.


If you require illustrations, our next step will be to pair you with an illustrator who will create stunning drawings to complete your masterpiece. We are partnered with several excellent illustrators, each with their own unique signature style. More information on the illustration process can be found on our Illustrators tab along with examples of some of the brilliant illustrators we work with.


This is the process of arranging the text and pictures that make up your book into the most visually pleasing design possible. Reading is a visual experience in more ways than one; particularly when it comes to children’s books. We will ensure that your book is laid out to create the best possible experience for your reader. Again, you will have full creative control and we will take comments and direction on board.


We know how much you want your book to be a success, and we share your ambitions! Our marketing department has lots of great tools to generate a buzz about you and your book. We will produce a professional AI (Advance Information) sheet to be distributed to our database of bloggers, book reviewers, libraries, schools and of course, bookshops. You may be asked to do personal appearances and signings as part of your marketing campaign. We will also write a piece about you for our website, and we produce the blurb and descriptions for your book that can be used to promote it wherever it is available. For a more in-depth look at how the magic happens, head over to our Marketing page.


Head over to our Submissions page to find out more about taking the next step.