The Five Adventures of Romilly Esmeralda


Author Edward Glover, in this third book, encourages children to take on challenges to overcome situations they do not like. When a child conquers fears, their confidence grows and they can take on life challenges.


All of us, both child and adult, have fears and apprehensions – things we prefer not to
encounter or experience, whether it be creepy-crawlies, yapping dogs or thunder.

Nine-year-old Romilly Esmeralda is no exception. Sensible in so many ways, she cannot
abide her feet leaving the ground. Swings, tightropes and zipwires are not for her.
Then one day, out of the blue, something extraordinary happens on the way home from
school, leading to five breathtaking adventures with a life-changing outcome, courtesy of a
uniquely special friend.

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