The Night Agnes Florence Emily Danced Before The Emperor


In his second children’s book, accomplished historical fiction author Edward Glover, addresses ways to help children with special autistic needs. The book has been featured on the Ambitious About Autism site but can be read by all children between the ages of 6 and 10 years.


Agnes Florence Emily has strong likes and dislikes. Strongest of all are her aversion to noise and her love of peace and quiet so she can think and write undisturbed. Her favourite place is her bedroom, a haven of tranquillity where, at the end of the day, she can reflect and listen to the soothing music of her most secret and special friend.

One night, when Agnes is exhausted and cross after a particularly trying day, something extraordinary happens. Her friend himself – a very famous historical person – appears, to take her on an unforgettable journey across star-studded skies into the past, to a splendid imperial palace that flourished two centuries before. Thus she embarks on a remarkable adventure, hand in hand with her much-admired companion.
Can you guess who he is?
Read Agnes’s story to find out.

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To help children with special needs.


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